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Magick for the Kitchen Witch from the Copper Cauldron Series by Deanna L Anderson

Magick for the Kitchen Witch from the Copper Cauldron Series by Deanna L Anderson

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Have you ever spilled salt and quickly tossed a pinch over your left shoulder, but never quite knew why? Some of what we now commonly refer to as "superstitions" are actually small pieces of magick left over from bygone days. Kitchen witchery is a common and simple form of magick that caters to the hearth and home and many people perform a small act of kitchen witchery daily without knowing it. Th is path is not comprised of only one belief system but is an eclectic mixture of many paths, old wives' tales, superstitions and home remedies. Magick for the Kitchen Witch takes a look at how a practitioner can fi nd inspiration for creating their own spells as well as showcasing many wonderful spells that fi t perfectly with any earth-based spiritual path. Th e spells in this book can be used by beginners as well as long-time practitioners and adapted for a wide variety of beliefs. Learn about charm bags, witch bottles, candle magick, divination, using food in magick, basic healing as well as brief information on a culturally diverse selection of domestic or kitchen Gods and some wonderfully fascinating tales of folklore witches. If you view the hearth or kitchen as the heart of your home; if your prefer simple, earth-based or earth-friendly magick; if you like to turn the mundane into magick; then Magick for the Kitchen Witch is a must-have in your magickal library.

  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0982397121
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