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Hekate's Spider Ring

Hekate's Spider Ring

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Blessed by the Goddess Hekate in the famous Hekate Shrine at the ATC's World Headquarters at the Hekate's Well of Souls Ritual. LIMITED ITEM!

This ring brings to you the blessings of weaving the worlds together, and understanding the connectedness of all things. It helps you interpret symbols and understand the deeper meanings of the stories you hear. It helps the wearer have excellent timing to be in the right place at the right time, and to know when to act. This is a LIMITED ITEM! Once it's gone we will not restock. Buy today before we run out.

The stones are dark blue and white cubic Zirconian. The energetic properties of Cubic Zirconium are generally expressed as improved focus, increased clarity, releasing of the ego, and causing those that wear it to he able to better stand the effects of time. A very Hekate sort of energy all around.

Please specify ring size (7,8,9) when ordering.

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