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Crystal Identification Cards

Crystal Identification Cards

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These 43 cards help you identify and remember magical information for the following stones: 

Apache Tear Magnetite (lodestone)
Hematite (not magnetic) Obsidian
Garnet Snow Flake Obsidian
Ruby Smokey Quartz
Red Tiger's Eye Black Tourmaline
Carnelian Copper
Coral Fire Opal
Orange Calcite Red Jasper
Amber Citrine
Gold Tiger's Eye Pyrite
Golden Topaz Aquamarine
Aventurine Blood Stone
Emerald Jade (Green)
Kyanite (Green) Malachite
Kyanite (Blue) Blue Lace Agate
Rose Quartz Chrysocolla
Lapis Lazuli Sodalite
Turquoise Amethyst
Fluorite (purple) Iolite
Labradorite Quartz Crystal
Celestite Selenite
White Lace Agate
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