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Be ALL!: The book of Spirit by Blacksun & Shadowhawk

Be ALL!: The book of Spirit by Blacksun & Shadowhawk

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Spirit, spirituality, spirited, spirits, a thousand different meanings attached to one root word. What the heck does "spirit" MEAN? This has been a decades long search for Blacksun and Shadowhawk, Wiccan priest and priestess for nearly forty years. Now, in one small, easy to understand book, you will learn not only what spirit IS but also how you can find it everywhere you look and use it to better your world. This is a revolutionary approach to finding your connection to spirit and making it central to your life and magic. Discover a simple way to know your own spirit and find the soul expanding power of the spirits all around you. Two easy exercises each day, requiring nothing more than your attention, will provide the enlightenment sought by mystics and wise people everywhere. Learn what it means to Be ALL!

  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1500539658
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