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Awakening Spirit CD

Awakening Spirit CD

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This CD recorded by the Archpriestess of the ATC Lady Belladonna Laveau accompanies her book Awakening Spirit. In it includes tracks both in ritual practice which helps in memorization as well as elemental meditation tracks.


If you are looking for the CD alone we now have it here for you as it's own purchase from Wiccan Cauldron! 


This is a companion to Awakening Spirit, and invaluable for WISE tradition students, teachers and students of Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. 


Track List

1. Earth Elemental Meditation
2. Fire Elemental Meditation
3. Water Elemental Meditation
4. Air Elemental Meditation
5. Circle Cast
6. Earth Quarter Call
7. Fire Quarter Call
8. Water Quarter Call
9. Air Quarter Call
10. Goddess Invocation
11. God Invocation
12. Charge of the Goddess - Part 1
13. Charge of the Goddess - Part 2
14. Charge of the Goddess - Part 3
15. Charge of the Goddess - Part 4
16. Earth Elemental Dismissal
17. Fire Elemental Dismissal
18. Water Elemental Dismissal
19. Air Elemental Dismissal
20. Circle Dismissal


*Note: CD doesn't weigh 1.5 LBS, it is only listed as such for our shipping costs as WIX doesn't allow rules for less than a pound. 

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