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My Little Book of Pagan Magic by Blacksun

My Little Book of Pagan Magic by Blacksun

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What is magic, REALLY? Learning magic might seem supernatural, but it isn't. It actually is super NATURAL! Children perform magic almost instinctively and there are loads of schools and teachers willing to help you increase your knowledge of this age old method of mastering the unknown. This work, written by Blacksun, who is a Wiccan priest, theologian, and practicing magician, is not a book of magical spells, but a book about what magic is and how learning it will fill your life with excitement and wonder. If you are contemplating becoming a student of magic, read this first. If you are already a student of one or more systems of magic, read this to get the most out of your studies. Blacksun explains in everyday language how magic can help you in every aspect of your life and gives you the ability to be a positive force with peace in your heart.

  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1798508237
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