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Awakening Spirit

Awakening Spirit

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Belladonna combines her knowledge of metaphysics, astrology, and the healing therapies with her natural talent as a teacher to present the information in a way that speaks to your soul. It is evident that her goal is to empower the reader to progress upon their spiritual path, which makes this exciting book a very valuable tool, which: Activates the power centers in your body, giving you the awareness of how to truly generate power, connect with Deity, and work in concert with divine will. Teaches powerful energetic exercises that train your energy field to react with automatic and immediate magical responses. Reveals the keys to understanding, and using the ancient incantations of circle casting and shares the mystery of magical tools, how they work, how to use them, and what working with them can teach the magical practitioner. Brings awareness of God & Goddess, magic, and sacredness into your everyday reality.


Awakening Spirit CD included in purchase. 


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